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Many Patients Have Been Experiencing:

• High Deductible Insurance Plans

• Costly Procedures with Large Co-Insurance

• Unexpected Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Don’t Worry-We Can Help….We’ve Got You Covered!

We help patients all around the country who are in need of a medical treatment that will ultimately result in a large out-of-pocket cost for them. Let’s face it, changes in the healthcare system have created a situation that has caused families just like yours to be held responsible for a larger portion of the expense of the surgery or procedure needed.

MedDraft creates a financial conduit that makes it possible for providers and patients to work together to resolve patient medical bills by establishing a short-term, zero-interest payment plan extension. This gives patients the opportunity to pay off their medical bills over a limited period of time in affordable payments through our convenient and easy-to-use patient portal using a credit or debit card or an active checking account.

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