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MedDraft helps patients and providers establish a securely automated payment plan using a checking account or a major credit card. MedDraft manages the process on behalf of the provider and makes it easy for the patient to maintain financial oversight through our online patient portal.

Setting up a MedDraft payment plan is very simple. Because MedDraft is a web-based software that enables providers and their patients to reach a mutually beneficial agreement to resolve any out-of-pocket costs, you can simply apply online using our safe and secure application process.

If you would like to apply, you can either access the provider’s patient financial suite through their website (where available), or you can ask the facility for their provider code and apply through the MedDraft website by clicking on the “Apply Now” button, filling out the form and submitting it to MedDraft for processing.

If you would prefer to apply for a payment plan in person at your provider’s location, the provider would be happy to help you submit your application using our online application software. Be sure to have your checking account or credit card information available.

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