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Budgeting for a medical treatment or a surgical procedure can be a challenge for any household.


High deductible insurance plans and procedures that aren't covered by insurance plans often leave patients with large out of pocket expenses to deal with. That’s why medical providers choose MedDraft to set up and manage payment plans with their patients.


Establishing a payment plan that meets with the approval of both the medical provider and patient prior to treatment is the most cost effective way to successfully manage health care expenses.


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Working With Patients to Get the Care They Need When They Need it.

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Budgeting for medical services can be very challenging for the patient and their family.



That's why medical providers and their patients choose MedDraft. Providers use MedDraft to offer their patients a short-term,  zero interest payment plan extension.

The Promises

Medical Providers Choose MedDraft

to Manage Payment Plans with their Patients

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Working With Patients to Get the Care They Need When They Need it

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